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Our multi-award winning trading platform has been featured in some of the largest financial publications in the world. We are proud to be recognized for our innovation and dedication to our customers.

New Feature Spotlight

Backtest Strategies

Backtest. Analyze. Refine. Precision Trading Made Easy

Our Backtester Component is designed with one goal in mind: to empower traders with unparalleled precision and efficiency. Seamlessly integrated into our platform, this powerful tool offers a comprehensive platform to backtest strategies with ease and accuracy.

Build Your Strategy

Craft your path to success with our Strategy Builder Component, empowering you to create custom strategies that can be backtested with ease. With our drag n drop builder and custom coding language you can create any strategy you can think of.

Test Your Strategy

With customizable parameters and intuitive controls, setting up and running tests is a breeze. Whether you're fine-tuning existing strategies or experimenting with new ideas, our Backtester Component provides the accuracy you need to make informed decisions.

Analyze Your Strategy

After running tests with our Backtester Component, dive deep into the data to uncover key performance metrics and actionable insights. Visualize results with intuitive charts and graphs, identify strengths and weaknesses, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your trading approach.

Options Trading Platform

Our new options trading platform is here! Check out the features below.

We're excited to release our new options platform, including our Options Chain!
It is a fully customizable Options Chain that allows you to set up exactly to your trading style and preferences. You can build your own strategies using our custom orders, or use the extensive list of premade option strategies to view directly in the chain. All with only one click for singles & strategies!

Options Analysis Metrics

With our options analysis metrics you can analyze PnL, Delta, Theta, Vega, and more! Analyze multiple orders at the same time to see your overall PnL and greeks across!

Options Analysis

Visualize your trades using our options analysis tools. This tool allows you to analyze both primary and secondary metrics to help you create smarter and more calculated trades.

Advanced Orders

Manage risk and create a trading plan using our conditional orders (OCO, OTO, and OTOCO) and of course our limit, stop, stop limit, and market orders.

Paper Trading

Includes strategies and real-time data! People love our Options Paper Trading feature!

Futures Trading

Master Futures Markets with Precision and Insight

Introducing our cutting-edge Futures Trading DOM (Depth of Market), your gateway to precision and efficiency in futures trading. Seamlessly integrated into our platform, this innovative tool provides traders with real-time visibility into market depth, allowing for swift execution and informed decision-making.

Advanced Order Types

Experience unparalleled control and efficiency in futures trading with our Futures Trading DOM, now featuring support for simple bracket and multi-bracket orders. Seamlessly execute your trading strategies with precision, whether you're looking to protect your positions with stop-loss orders or capitalize on profit targets with take-profit orders.

Order Management

Revolutionize your futures trading experience with our Futures Trading DOM, now featuring intuitive dragging and dropping functionality for seamless order management. With this innovative feature, traders can effortlessly adjust orders in real-time by simply dragging and dropping them to new price levels. Whether you're fine-tuning your entry and exit points or reacting to market movements on the fly, our platform empowers you to stay nimble and in control. Experience the ultimate flexibility and precision in futures trading with our intuitive DOM.

InvestPulse AI

AI Education and Trading Tools for the Modern Trader

Experience the future of trading with our groundbreaking AI education and scanning technology. Seamlessly blend cutting-edge AI-driven insights with comprehensive educational resources to elevate your trading strategy. Harness the power of intelligent scanning technology to identify opportunities and make informed decisions with confidence.


Introducing our revolutionary AI chatbot, your personalized trading companion. Seamlessly integrate AI-driven education into your trading journey with real-time assistance, tailored insights, and interactive learning modules. Whether you're a novice or seasoned trader, our chatbot delivers personalized guidance, empowers informed decision-making, and accelerates your path towards trading mastery. Elevate your trading experience with our AI chatbot, your trusted ally in navigating the complexities of the financial markets.


Unlock the power of AI-driven stock scanner analysis with our revolutionary platform. Seamlessly analyze market trends, identify potential opportunities, and optimize your trading strategy with precision and efficiency. Our AI-driven analysis tool provides market scanning capabilities, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions with confidence. Experience the future of trading with our cutting-edge AI technology, designed to empower traders of all levels to succeed in today's dynamic markets.


Explore what sets us apart

Empowering traders with comprehensive tools designed for success.

22 Exclusive Scanners

Scan the Markets With Ease

Find opportunities with advanced scanning

Revolutionize your trading strategy with our advanced market scanners. With real-time insights, 24/7 alerts, and customizable filters, our scanners empower you to stay ahead of market trends and make informed decisions with confidence.

Learn MoreGet WealthCharts Now!

200+ Technical Indicators

16 Exclusive Indicators

Chart your success with technical indicators

Stay ahead of market trends and capitalize on opportunities with our cutting-edge technical indicators. Backed by years of research and development, our indicators provide actionable insights that help you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Learn MoreGet WealthCharts Now!

28 Research Tools

Supercharge Your Research

Insightful Research Tools for Informed Traders

Unlock the power of data with our intuitive market research tools. Our fundamentals data and research tools allows you to make informed decisions with ease. Whether you're a novice trader or an experienced investor, our platform empowers you to succeed in today's dynamic market landscape.

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Trade with Confidence

Tens of thousands of symbols available for trading across multiple exchanges from our integrated brokers*

Our Trading Products

Stocks & ETFs

Trade tens of thousands of stocks and ETFs from the world's leading stock exchanges.

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Trade options on stocks, ETFs, and indices with our powerful options trading platform.

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Trade futures contracts on commodities, indices, and more with our newly improved trading DOM.

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*Available exchanges may vary based on your subscription plan.

Connection to supported brokerages is required to trade and receive all available symbols.

Some markets, symbols, and trading capabilities may not be present unless connected to a supported brokerage.

Education for Active Traders and Investors of All Levels

Master the Markets with Our In-Platform Trading Education

image 1

Join us daily for our exclusive live trading education streams, where industry experts share invaluable insights, actionable strategies, and real-time market analysis. Tune in, engage with our community, and elevate your trading skills with our dynamic live streams.

image 1
WealthCharts TV

Welcome to WealthCharts TV, your ultimate destination for educational content tailored to traders of all levels. With new content added regularly, WealthCharts TV empowers you to expand your knowledge, refine your skills, and stay ahead of the curve in today's dynamic markets.

image 1

WealthThoughts is your hub for connecting with like-minded traders and sharing market insights. Join a vibrant community of traders from around the world as you exchange ideas, discuss market trends, and collaborate on strategies for success.

InvestPulse AI

Discover InvestPulse AI: your ultimate trading companion. Leverage AI-driven market scans for real-time insights and precision trading, while our educational chatbot provides personalized guidance and support. From identifying opportunities to mastering strategies, InvestPulse AI streamlines your path to success in the markets.


Integrated With Your Broker

Leverage the power of WealthCharts while trading on your broker

  • tastytrade

    Asset Types:
    Stocks • Options • Futures

    tastytrade gives you every edge possible with the technology, rates, and support that help you succeed more easily on your own. They’re as serious about your money as you are, and work for you who are brave enough to take your finances into your own hands.

  • Apex Trader Funding

    Asset Types:

    Unlock the potential of your brand new future with Apex Trader Funding. Take control and elevate your financial journey with our innovative solutions tailored to your success.

  • Rithmic

    Asset Types:

    Whether you are part of a prop shop or are a professional trader, Rithmic’s trade execution software delivers to you the low latency and high throughput performance formerly seen only by the very large trading houses and boutique hedge funds.

  • AMP Futures

    Asset Types:

    Amp Futures is your Futures Trading Supercenter! AMP provides cheap, fast and reliable data feeds and trading routes.

  • WealthCharts

    Asset Types:
    Paper Trading

    Paper Trade like you never have before, with technical analysis and cutting-edge technology at your fingertips. Trade in real-time markets or go back in time with our Chart Replay & Trading Simulator feature. All of this can be done with or without an integrated brokerage account.

  • More Brokers Coming Soon!

    Summer 2024

    Until we get your broker integrated, get your powerful trading tools on WealthCharts and trade via your own broker.

    Don't see your broker listed? Contact us to request your broker!

Pricing Plans

Unlock Your Trading Potential

Transform your trading experience with WealthCharts cutting-edge technology and unrivaled customer service!

WealthCharts Ultimate Plan

Best value for the money! Get full access to our award winning platform!

  • Unlock Advanced trading capabilities across multiple markets
  • Customized layouts and dashboards for personalized trading setups
  • Access real-time scanners for quick identification of trading opportunities
  • Exclusive suite of indicators for detailed market technical analysis


  • Unlimited Active Scanner Alerts
  • Unlimited Active Price Alerts
  • Unlimited Alert Duration
  • In-Platform, Email, and SMS Delivery

Scanners and Tools

  • 22 Exclusive Scanners
  • Scanner Accelerator Mode Available
  • Unlimited Custom Scanner Filters
  • Symbol & Timeframe Linking
  • Exclusive Champion Trend Pack Scanner
  • Exclusive Features Tool Pack
  • Premium Features Tool Pack
  • Market Tools Pack
  • FundHunter Tool Pack
  • WealthCharts TV Training Courses
  • InvestPulse AI
  • Breakout Forecaster Scanner
  • AlgoHunter
  • Cloud Scanner
  • OptionsHunter
  • OptionsMapper
  • SectorScanner
  • Seasonality Scanner
  • Smart Money Scanner
  • WealthFinder
  • WealthScanner
  • WSI Scanner
  • Champion Trend Scanner
  • Power Scanner
  • WealthSignal Scanner
  • Range Breaker Scanner
  • IRB Scanner


  • Broker Integration Trading
  • Depth of Market (DOM) Trading
  • Options Trading w/ Analysis Tools
  • On Chart Trading
  • Paper Trading
  • Historical Simulated Trading

Charts and Indicators

  • 200+ Technical Indicators
  • 16 Exclusive Indicators including the Champion Trend Pack
  • Unlimited Indicators per Chart
  • Exclusive Indicators
  • Premier Indicators
  • Standard & Mathematical Indicators
  • WealthSignal Indicator
  • Champion Trend
  • Breakout Forecaster Indicator
  • Range Breaker Indicator
  • IRB Buy
  • IRB Reverse Buy
  • IRB Reverse Short
  • IRB Short
  • Momentum Shifts WT/BO
  • Spike
  • MSR Indicator
  • Adaptive Trailing Stop
  • Compare Symbols
  • Custom Chart Templates
  • Custom Chart Indicator Sets
  • Bar Replay
  • 30+ Drawing Tools
  • Symbol & Timeframe Linking
  • WealthScript & Visual Indicator Builder
  • Backtesting
  • Full-Historical Backtesting
  • Intraday Kagi & Renko Charts
  • Custom Timeframes

Layouts and Dashboards

  • Unlimited Custom Layouts
  • Unlimited Custom Dashboards
  • Unlimited Charts per Dashboard
  • Unlimited Components per Dashboard
  • 20 Dashboards per Layout
  • Basic Layouts
  • Pre-Made Dashboards
  • Import & Export Layouts
  • Premium Layouts


  • WealthThoughts
  • Social Media Integration
  • Chat Rooms


  • Pre-Market Prep Active Trading Room
  • Daily Strategy Training Sessions With Market Experts
  • WealthCharts Weekly Training Events
  • Trader Education Series From A 32x Trading Champion
  • Wealth365 Summit - All Recordings (Including VIP Events)
  • Quarterly Two-Day Student Intensives

White Glove Support

  • Customer Service - Phone Support (M - F, 8am ET - 5pm ET)
  • Support Livestream
  • Email Support
  • On-Platform Feature Training Mode
  • WealthCharts Tutorials
  • Support Knowledge Base
  • Custom & Pre-built Layouts
  • Custom & Pre-built Dashboards
  • Custom & Pre-built Chart Template

Other Features

  • 28 Research Tools
  • 10 Active Sessions
  • Unlimited Custom Watchlists
  • Auto Trend & Resistance Lines
  • Heat Maps
  • Daily Expert Insights
  • WealthCharts Research Team - Unusual Options Activity Fresh Ideas
  • Institutional Newsfeed With 90+ Categories
  • Advanced Institutional Research (i.e. Earnings, Guidance, Analyst Ratings, etc
  • WealthCharts Member Chat
  • Export Scanner Data
  • Export Portfolio Data
$1970/ year
(2 months free vs monthly)

Reviews & Member Comments

Our reviews speak volumes

See what our members love most about WealthCharts!

Anthony B.

I've consolidated other platforms to WealthCharts! 3 or 4 of them. I did this because each platform was good for certain things - but with WealthCharts I can do it all on one thing now. WealthCharts is meeting the bill so far! All of the scanning and indicators are great!

John S.

I have been an annual WealthCharts member this past year and I am so satisfied with this service that I plan to renew my subscription this month when it is due. WealthCharts is so much more comprehensive than any of the other subscriptions that I have tried in the past and I have tried a lot! I no longer make a trade without vetting it through my WealthCharts tools. Keep up the good work!!!

Sean O.

Lately the last two things that were added for annual members - the champion trend and breakout forecaster - man those are super awesome because i intraday trade futures and those two indicators are my soul go to for intraday trading futures. I love WealthCharts - I'm gonna be a lifetime member. 

Andy C.

One of the things I enjoy is that WealthCharts allows me to discontinue all of the other services I had that are not even close to the value of WealthCharts. 

Mike V.

I'm using SectorScanner, I love it by the way, its great - I will be getting rid of one program I'm paying for because of SectorScanner!

Al G.

FYI, Love Wealthcharts! Use it everyday in my trading, I don't need anything else. Like alot of other subscribers, I cancelled all my other subscriptions a year ago for a considerable monthly savings! 

Larry C.

I canceled 4 other memberships - I had one for my regular charting, one for seasonality, one that offered all of these information items that you have now on FundHunter, another service that offered unique charting - you guys replaced all of that stuff!

Dr. Jay S.

I've had a subscription since last year and have dropped some others due to duplication, others didn't provide as much, and your live data feed is great with all the indicators 

Dale S.

I like all the indicators and other stuff that are offered. I didn't wanna be left out being a monthly - it was a great time for me being an annual member financially

Hangang L.

I love WealthCharts, can't live without it, it is the first thing I do when I wake up, and that last thing I do before bed. All the ideas and information is great!

John P.

I love using WealthCharts, I think Rob and his amazing team have put together a fantastic platform and service group that puts all the other platform services to shame. Please keep up the terrific work!

Qing S.

I think the scanners and automation helps. It's very unique to this platform and makes everything easier

Linda G.

I love WealthCharts and all the education it provides!

Tom S.

At almost 80 years old (ok, only 78+) I became a Founding member a few months ago. I wondered if I was just getting into yet another hype machine, but your company is the real thing. Thanks Rob.

Fred L.

I love all the scanners in WealthCharts and the bonuses that come with it!

Amit S.

I'm a subscriber to almost everything else. I am decreasing that. I was with -------- I was with -----------, I was with all of these other services, and you combine all of this information. I don't need to go somewhere else for my options activity, its all in one distinct area., Its easy to customize! I can have three monitors with every different feature on. It gives me the entire picture in one paid service. What you guys are doing are amazing, you're giving us the institutional information

Bruce P.

 I could not have found anything better there so much here it's worth so much more. I can't understand why anyone would hesitate to join. Rob I've spent over 100k and WealthCharts is worth much more on education

John R.

I love WealthCharts and will be it for life! I'd buy a lifetime membership, but it's not something you offer so I guess I'll have to do yearly:)

Nicolae P.

I love WealthCharts and I am going to be a continuous client… I have Tastyworks and is very well integrated with WealthCharts.

Mary F.

Canceling ----------- and -----------. The saying that “you get what you pay for” does not begin to cover my membership with your team.

Jeffrey S.

I was able to cancel ---- ------ ---------- which was my provider for UOA. Next I can also cancel -------------- which provides a number of Flow and Unusual Activity Tools as well for an additional saving of $1000 a year.

Neville M.

The growth of WealthCharts over the past year has been more than impressive and customer service is truly exceptional. 

Dan N.

You guys do great work! I've cancelled several services since joining you guys.

Jay R.

My friend Dr Jeffrey Scott recommended your service. He has tried every platform/service known to man and he recommended yours

Bob T.

 I am really happy with Rob's new annual member indicators.

Nishan S.

I had ------- before. Now I love WealthCharts

Jim L.

Refinancing feature...canceling all other subscriptions elsewhere and just having 1 place for it all!

Pamela C.

I have been using WealthCharts since April 2022. WealthCharts is phenomenal. I have been trading for 3 years and other programs only took me to a certain point and it made me dependent on them. With WealthCharts I am trading on my own.

Farrald B.

Left ---- ---- ------- for WealthCharts. Their platform was primitive compared to WealthCharts. WealthCharts is like the spaceship of trading platforms! I'm so happy I made the switch!!!

Zoltan H.

Customer services with your business continue to flourish, you are always so great! I don't know any company that does what your team does.

Mike B.

I'm always learning and discovering new things on this platform that I don't need anymore anywhere else!
It looks great - I can't believe how quick I am maneuvering - I tell my wife I don't know why I have other services out there!

Adam Z.

In a time when most companies overlook a personal request, you certainly delivered. I REALLY am impressed and thankful. Keep rocking!!

Raul D.

Its really just done for you! Its that simple. You put it on a chart and make sure the chart makes sense and then you fire away, you put your stop loss, your entry, and watch!

Tom A.

I've been very happy for getting the extra edge. Thank you for the morning briefs and the help you've been getting me...

Susan F.

The platform is fantastic I am still learning how to take advantage of all the things available and Rob is fantastic! I can't find anything wrong with it. 

Paul Y.

This is great! Many thanks. I love WealthCharts. I have been using the same gardening service since 1990 and WealthCharts give me the same feeling as well.


Brandon W.

I'm one of the people that Rob talks about during his events where he states that "I canceled all these other services". This is the one membership that I was grandfathered in and I will never get rid of it. 

Carlos E.

You can cancel a lot of other memberships - had ------------, and other services that I cannot think of. I'm an oil fuel consultant, but starting to trade full time because of WealthCharts

Zigurts S.

The platform is a great program to check on the charts and some of the stocks and stuff. I like to use various tools to see what the probability of directional change might be. I enjoy being able to watch the premarket session, I find it very valuable. It provides so much, it is so good!

Bruce P.

To me it was so important that I can't figure out why people aren't standing in line at your office trying to buy WealthCharts. It's a one second decision in my opinion.

Sourav C.

I have been a WealthCharts founder member since it's inception. Whilst, I have witnessed WealthCharts growing strength to strength over the past year, for me the most important thing is the trust I have in Rob and the whole WealthCharts Support team.

Davis C.

 I just wanted to state that the customer service I've received via email or by phone has been absolutely dynamite. Guys trust me, great customer service goes a long way. I'm appreciative of what you all offer to the trading community. Thanks for everything.

Jackie M.

WealthCharts? Lovin’ it - it's just blowing me away with all the improvements… made every month. I hope to be an annual member for the rest of my life!

John P.

WealthCharts is a platform that improves dramatically every few months. Its very apparent. I see the team is regularly putting in 200%. WealthCharts allows me to trade in parallel w/ my job. 

Mike P.

I use WealthCharts mostly for AI… and I am looking at canceling -------

Benjamin F.

…one feature that stands out is the indicators and WealthScanner. Yes I have actually just closed down ----------- ------- account because Australia only offers pro level which is expensive so that's gone!

Babatunde A.

I am a monthly member right now, but after I get a feel for what this can do for me, I intend to become an annual member. I joined WealthCharts because I was impressed with Rob Hoffman and the simplicity of the program. I feel that looking at it, it looks like it has exactly what I need as a day trader, transitioning into a swing trader, and later a long term investor. I have been trading for about a year and a half, and I started because it interested me when I first found Trading View. The concept of trading make sense to me. I feel that as a retail investor, I can trade my money better than anyone.

Deborah L.

I love the enhancements. I am trying to make a routine that works for me. I want to switch from trading futures with TradStation to tastyworks so that I can just use WealthCharts. Everyone of the experts is brilliant in their own ways. I am more analytical and Dr. Jeff Scott is a favorite. Jake is a no nonsense guy and has been around the block a few times. I enjoy the personal data that in included.

Henrik D.

Hi Rob,Congratulations on winning another two trading competitions! I have downloaded the WealthCharts phone app and given it 5 stars. The app is great, I would have given it 6 stars if I could :) Keep up the excellent work developing WealthCharts. All the best, Henrik

John V.

I continue to be impressed by what I have seen of WealthCharts. Truly amazing. I have praised your great service to friends.

Lem G.

Hi Rob, 5 Stars! Thank you and pass my thanks on to the team! Best,Lem

Mert K.

I have been watching the Wealth365 Summit and i was able to see more of the capabilities of the platform. I wanted to give it a try and see if it would work for me. It has many features being added and I have heard good things and trading fellows also recommended this product!

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