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Identifying cyclical market patterns just got easier!

Back to school shopping, Black Friday sales...

…stocking up on candy for Halloween - these are all examples of annual consumer buying trends that we are all aware of, but they represent just a small fraction of the seasonal

WealthCharts automates Seasonal analysis!

 In addition to reviewing up to 20 years of historical data to identify recurring trends, WealthCharts' Seasonality Scanner pairs that data driven approach with our own pr


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Narrow Your Results To Find The Best Opportunities For You

The Seasonality Scanner is built to take the concept of Seasonality and automate it so you can easily identify the stocks that are primed to move based on their historical performance over the past 5, 10, 15, or 20 years of historical data. The simple filtering allows you to decide if you want to see the biggest potential moves from one to 12 weeks out for a longer swing trade. Narrow down your selections based on price, volume, options liquidity, or a number of other parameters to make certain you are seeing the exact results that are the most meaningful to you.

Algorithmic Scoring and Watchlist Scanner For Faster Analysis

You can refine your results even further by sorting them based on the symbol’s WealthScore, a proprietary ranking unique to WealthCharts that takes into account thousands of data points and distills them into a single score to make comparing opportunities even easier! Have symbols that you are interested in saved on a watchlist? You can scan your custom watchlists using the Seasonality Scanner to identify trends in your favorite symbols. For traders looking for an easy to use tool that lets them quickly identify higher probability seasonal patterns, the Seasonality Scanner cannot be beat!

Compare Year To Year Performance At A Glance

For traders interested in diving into an individual symbol performance over the years during a defined period of time, Seasonality Stats can provide the exact insights they’re looking for! In addition to a year over year review of symbol performance in the defined timeframe, it also contains important information like how many years were profitable for the given trade vs how many years resulted in losses, the average profit and loss for that period, as well as the maximum profit and loss experienced on that symbol for that time period. This at-a-glance reference can make it easier than ever to determine the true strength of an underlying seasonal pattern and its impact on the symbols they are most interested in.

Easily Add Seasonal Analysis To Your Charts

WealthCharts has integrated Seasonal analysis directly into our charts, with trend patterns displaying directly on the price chart to make it easier than ever to trade with long term historical patterns! It’s the easiest way to add Seasonal Analysis into your trading analysis right alongside your favorite indicators and tools.

All The Seasonality Tools You Need In One Platform

WealthCharts has made it easier than ever to quickly identify strong seasonal patterns, compare the expected pattern performance on a chart with your favorite indicators, and review the historical performance of the pattern over the past 10 years. Whether you are looking for short term trades or long term investments, Seasonality can help find opportunities that fly under the radar of the average trader.

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