A Better Approach To Top-Down Analysis

For traders and investors that embrace a top-down approach to their market analysis...

...SectorScanner is the perfect tool for flagging stocks and sectors that are in motion and expected to stay in motion, helping users get on the right side of trends. Unlike standard sector analysis, WealthCharts has built a unique algorithmic component into its tool that utilizes award-winning technical analysis principles to provide greater insight into developing trends and rising and falling sectors. With robust filtering capabilities and extensive subsector categorization, SectorScanner makes it easy to find the hidden opportunities that other platforms miss.


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Determining where to find the best opportunities is the goal of any top down analytical approach to the markets, and yet so many traders fall into the trap of making their decisions based on simple data points such as the percentage gain or loss of individual sectors or transaction volume. While those data points are important, they are only a small piece of the puzzle and they are unlikely to get a trader ahead of any developing trends and certainly aren’t going to uncover any hidden opportunities. The WealthCharts SectorScanner allows you to filter results based on daily, weekly, and monthly percent change, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

An Innovative Approach To Sector Analysis

WealthCharts has taken sector analysis a step further than other platforms by applying our proprietary algorithmic trading engine to analyze the performance of the sectors independently and provide users with an incredibly easy way to sort and compare sector performance. Rather than simply looking at what has happened and hoping to catch the end of those moves, SectorScanner’s AlgoScore allows traders to identify sectors and subsectors that are beginning to move but haven’t necessarily taken off yet. Using AlgoScore to help identify opportunities can help you lead the pack instead of continuing to chase the crowd.

Custom Comparison and Filters For Even Greater Precision

One of the drawbacks of top down analysis on most trading platforms is that they require users to look at a single sector or sub sector at a time, forcing the user to manually record and compare symbols from different categories. WealthCharts understands the need to have exactly what you need in front of you, when you need it. That’s why SectorScanner allows you to compare symbols across different sectors and subsectors with just a few clicks! Furthermore, SectorScanner supports filtering options based on price changes and algorithmic scoring across daily, weekly, and monthly timeframes, making it the perfect tool for swing traders and long term investors alike!

SectorScanner's Top Down Approach

Three Steps To Maximize Your Research Time

Feature Step 1: Identify The Most Interesting Sectors and Subsectors

Step 1: Identify The Most Interesting Sectors and Subsectors

This can be based on a more traditional approach with an emphasis on percent change or total advancers vs decliners, or you can use the proprietary AlgoScore to identify sectors that are gaining momentum.

Feature Step 2: Compare Symbols From Selections

Step 2: Compare Symbols From Selections

Further refine your results by comparing the symbols from your selected subsectors, with daily, weekly, and monthly AlgoScores providing a perspective on the opportunities with strong technical setups.

Feature Step 3: Execute Your Trading Plan

Step 3: Execute Your Trading Plan

With watchlist integrations, it takes just a few clicks to add your selected symbols from SectorScanner to your watchlist or you can link SectorScanner directly to your charts to apply your favorite indicators to!


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