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There are hundreds of thousands of options trades made every single day, most of which are not particularly important but sometimes there are some powerful insights that can be derived from big, noteworthy trades.

Finding The Options Trades That Matter

Options trades made over the course of the day that meet specific, pre-defined criteria that can be indicative of a big player in the market making a move. Criteria can include large order volume, high dollar figure trades, a large trade being split up across multiple individual trades to avoid detection, and aggressive orders that are at or above the offer. While the insights available from these orders is undoubtedly valuable, it can be a hugely time consuming process to sort through all of those orders yourself.


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OptionsHunter cuts through the noise

so you can easily review Unusual Options Activity to spot better trading setups, faster.

Automated Identification Of Important Trades

Unlike platforms that leave the grunt work of sorting through mountains of order flow data to you, OptionsHunter automatically highlights the trades you need to see, such as Repeated aggressive orders, unusually large orders that are trading close to their expiration date, bullish and bearish sweeps, or outliers based on trade size, dollar value, or open interest.

Top Down View Of Where The Smart Money Is Moving

Thanks to its proprietary algorithmic trading engine, OptionsHunter takes its analysis a step further, providing you with a top down view of the Options Market so you can see where the smart money is moving. With Bearish and Bullish Hot Money scans, you’ll see the most aggressive sweeps that are nearing expiration that the big players want to keep under the radar. Other automated filters will present you with the instruments that have the Top Bullish or Bearish Orderflow, the most aggressive positions being taken, and a ton of others that will provide you with an instant list of the most popular symbols of the day.

Precise Filtering For Faster Analysis

If you already know what you want to look for, OptionHunters’ precise filtering will allow you to narrow down to the most important trades to you. With 28 different criteria to choose from and the ability to specifically review symbols from existing watchlists, OptionsHunter is the perfect tool for new and experienced options traders looking to get more functionality from their research platform to find better trade setups, faster.

Find Where The Smart Money Is Moving, Faster.

For serious options traders, this at-a-glance analysis and rankings of the instruments that you are interested in can provide an edge in today’s competitive environment.

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