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Combining A Champion's Pedigree With Next Generation Analysis

WealthScanner saves hours of research time...

and focuses you only on the top ranked trading and investing ideas. Lightyears ahead of everything else, it not only combines advanced technical and fundamental analysis in its scoring, it also analyzes each potential trade idea using the proprietary adaptive algorithm, which features the unique strategies of a 32x real money international and domestic trading champion and other renowned market experts.

Trading competition winning strategies...

…power the adaptive algorithm which provides you with even stronger trade ideas thanks to its cutting-edge multi-timeframe scanning, trending and non-trending analysis, and momentum modeling. For day traders, swing traders, and investors, WealthScanner automatically adjusts to identify the opportunities that most closely fit your trading style and preferences with its Adaptive Intelligence.


The Next Generation Of Trading Research, Analysis, And Execution Has Arrived, And It's Starting A Revolution

WealthCharts brings cutting-edge tools, competition tested strategies, and automated algorithmic analysis to retail traders - giving them every advantage possible when they need it most.

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WealthScanner Makes Your Life Easier

By automatically combining world class technical analysis, professional level fundamental data, an unrivaled database of company financials, SEC reports, and other high-impact market research, WealthScanner does all the heavy lifting for you.

Technical Analysis

When it comes to trend and price forecasting, technical analysis is more than just a helpful tool in a trader’s arsenal, it is a necessity. WealthScanner takes technical analysis to a whole new level using award winning methodologies and strategies to identify trends, potential breakouts, and keep traders and investors on the leading edge while others trail behind with manual analysis. WealthScanner includes historical score fluctuations, algorithmic trends, the Wealth Strength Index, and more in its technical calculations.

Fundamental Analysis

Underlying fundamentals provide an important perspective on the financial state of a business, which is why WealthScanner includes fundamental metrics as part of its analysis. By analyzing long and short term trends in EPS change, dividend payments, revenue growth, and a company’s PE Ratio relative to industry averages WealthScanner can include detailed fundamental analysis in its calculations to provide more robust trade ideas for day, swing, and position traders.

Market Research

Access to accurate, timely information has always been an advantage in the markets which is why WealthScanner is fueled by top quality, institutional-grade data feeds. WealthScanner scans hundreds of thousands of SEC filings to analyze the buying and selling behavior of company insiders and combines that activity with the portfolio adjustments made by institutional stakeholders. Need key insight into what the “smart money” is doing? Now you have it! 

Find Trade Ideas In Three Easy Steps

Feature Step 1: Choose Your Criteria

Step 1: Choose Your Criteria

This can be as simple as determining if you are looking for day trades, swing trades, position trades, or buy and hold investments. If you know exactly what you are looking for, you can further refine your criteria to cut through the noise and identify trade and investment ideas with unparalleled precision. 

Feature Step 2: Review Your Matches

Step 2: Review Your Matches

WealthScanner will scan the markets looking for the symbols that most closely match your criteria and produce a ranked list of the results. WealthScanner will show you what areas scored most strongly in addition to any potential risks that you might not be aware of. As you go through the list, WealthScanner’s one-click organization lets you quickly dismiss any instruments that you aren’t interested in or immediately add any promising results to a watchlist.

Feature Step 3: Execute Your Trading Plan

Step 3: Execute Your Trading Plan

Now that you’ve narrowed down your list to the symbols that you are most interested in, the choice is yours! You can use your favorite indicators and scanners in WealthCharts to further refine your trade ideas and determine your best entries and exits or add it to your watchlist until you are ready to take the next step. 


Love the markets but short on time? WealthScanner is the perfect tool for you.

Reduce your time spent researching, improve the quality of your trade ideas, and skip the headaches that come with trying to set up overly complicated tools that don’t deliver. Join WealthCharts and start using the most robust scanner on the market today - WealthScanner.

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Questions & Answers

We answered some of your most frequently asked questions about WealthScanner

What instrument types does it work on?

Stocks, Options, ETFs, Futures, FOREX, and Cryptocurrencies

Is it hard to set up?

Nope, it's ready to go out of the box! By default, WealthScanner will automatically include all metrics in its analysis and scoring so that with just a minute or two of set-up, you’ll be ready to start reviewing trades! For traders and investors that want to take a deeper dive into specific criteria, WealthScanner has a suite of advanced tools and filters to find precisely what you are looking for. WealthScanner filters are incredibly easy to set up, with no complex programming knowledge required or in-depth jargon to understand.

Can you make it even faster for me?

Yes! WealthScanner is built to make things easier and identify trade ideas faster for beginner and advanced traders alike. With the “Hottest Moves” filter, you can automatically be presented with a consolidated list of the symbols that are primed for a big move. This proprietary methodology can reduce your research and analysis time by hours a day, so you can review the opportunities that matter to you without wasting time sorting through symbols that have already made their move. Say goodbye to FOMO and hello to an easier way to trade with WealthScanner.


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