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Do you ever feel like you can’t keep up with the huge amount of data and information in the markets and that trade opportunities are passing you by? It’s a common feeling for retail traders and one of the major advantages that institutions enjoy. Institutions have teams of analysts, programmers, and experienced traders that are all working to preserve their edge. Now you can level the playing field with FundHunter, the ideal tool for analyzing mountains of market data and then pairing the results with cutting edge technical analysis so that you can trade with the same tools that have previously only been available to hedge funds and institutions.


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Social media has become a driving force for price movement in the stock market, but trying to keep up with the latest developments on platforms like Twitter and Reddit (among others) can take hours. After all that time spent researching and identifying trends, you might be too late to take advantage of them. FundHunter solves this by using advanced algorithms to analyze the massive amount of social media activity every day to determine the frequency of mentions about a specific company, the engagement those posts receive from other users on those platforms, and the sentiment associated with those posts. Hours upon hours of research have been consolidated into a single window that will allow you to see the most popular stocks of the day so you won’t get left behind.


When a company announces a buyback, it can trigger a flurry of trading activity. For day and swing traders, the right buyback announcement can often be immediately followed by a bullish price trend. For value-driven investors, a buyback can represent an optimistic signal of the company’s health and will often correlate with a higher Earnings Per Share, making the company a more attractive target and further driving price movement. FundHunter doesn’t distract you with every single minor buyback announcement, instead it provides you with the specific buybacks that meet criteria which indicate the highest probability of follow through. In short, FundHunter keeps you focused on the most interesting buybacks and tracks them for that breakout bullish move to the upside.


Strategies for beating the market come into and out of fashion all the time, but one has proven itself time and again: if the people running a company are buying or selling their shares, a savvy trader should consider doing the same. After all, who would know more about the company’s costs, order flow, bottlenecks, and other key metrics than the people at the helm? However, not all buying and selling is important, and knowing the difference between what insider buying and selling to pay attention to can make all the difference. That’s why FundHunter doesn’t just tell you if there are insiders selling or buying, it also tells you who those insiders are, what role they play in the company, and even if multiple executives are selling or buying at the same time. Combined, this information is invaluable for the smart trader looking for the inside scoop on the next big move.


Initial Public Offerings can provide incredible trading opportunities but not all IPOs are created equally. Being able to separate the worthwhile IPOs from the overhyped offerings makes all the difference when trading. That’s why FundHunter helps identify the higher probability IPOs by reviewing the valuation, underwriters, insider lock-up period, and valuation changes to present you with the strongest candidates while sorting out the lower probability distractions. Once the company goes public, FundHunter will also help identify the IPOs that are beating their initial pricing so you can take advantage of them as well. That isn’t the only way a company can be taken public though, and that’s why FundHunter also tracks the progress of the largest SPACs as they are created, funded, and find their acquisition targets. Don’t miss out on the next big public offering, let FundHunter do the work for you to identify the next big opportunity!


There has been a ton of coverage in the news about short squeezes and many active traders and investors are looking for the next stock to experience a squeeze so they can take advantage of the huge price volatility it causes. A potential squeeze needs more than just high short interest, it also needs that short interest to comprise a significant portion of that stock’s total float. When those two conditions are met, the potential for a short squeeze rises dramatically, and those are the exact conditions FundHunter scans the markets for.


For traders and investors interested in biotech and medicine, FundHunter allows you to view recent FDA announcements including the results of clinical trials, new applications, and any treatments that move forward in the review and approval process. Easily see which companies are actively developing treatments, what ailments those treatments address, and how close to approval they are with FundHunter. You can stay ahead of the crowd with all the newest updates right at your fingertips!

Find Trade Ideas With FundHunter

With These Three Straightforward Steps

Feature Step 1: Determine What’s Important To You

Step 1: Determine What’s Important To You

FundHunter can adapt to your trading style with just a couple clicks! Whether you like trading around company buybacks or you want to know the next meme stock blowing up on social media with high short interest, FundHunter will narrow your results and keep you focused on the opportunities that match your criteria.

Feature Step 2: Review Key Technical Insight For Your Trade Ideas

Step 2: Review Key Technical Insight For Your Trade Ideas

FundHunter has integrated technical analysis right into its results! After you have found a symbol you are interested in, you can scroll to the right to see multi-timeframe technical analysis signals, letting you know if the opportunity is bullish, bearish, or neutral for the timeframes you are interested in!

Feature Step 3: Take It A Step Further!

Step 3: Take It A Step Further!

In addition to scanning the major US markets, FundHunter can also be used to scan your existing watchlists! Select your watchlist from the dropdown menu and you’ll instantly see if any symbols you have been keeping an eye on have been experiencing any important insider buying and selling or other important signals!


Cutting-edge, Data-driven Discovery Paired with Powerful Technical Analysis Algorithms

FundHunter isn’t just a tool for highlighting interesting market data, it also determines the technical sentiment of each opportunity, saving active traders and investors hours of time spent researching and evaluating. You may not have a team of analysts, programmers, and all the other resources that institutions have, but with FundHunter, you won’t need them.

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