Not All Algorithms Are Created Equal

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32x Real-Money trading champion.

There is hardly a single trading platform out there that doesn’t talk about the algorithms they have and the role they play in trade identification. One thing they fail to mention is that not all algorithms are created equally, and the differences between them can be crucial in your trading and investing. Most algorithmic trading tools are shrouded in secrecy, with very little information available about how they were assembled, how they have been refined, and if they have ever worked in the real world. What good is an equation that constantly arrives at a wrong answer?


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What Makes AlgoHunter Different (And Better!) Than Other Platforms?

AlgoHunter’s Champion Advantage

The AlgoHunter Scanner wasn’t built in a lab or constructed based on assumptions and theories that have never been tested by the market. AlgoHunter is a different breed altogether, a pedigree tool that can trace its development directly to the experience, insights, and strategies of the world’s only 32x domestic and international real money trading champion. Using the same competition-tested strategies that Rob Hoffman implemented, refined, and optimized, AlgoHunter supercharges market scanning for retail traders.

Tailored To You

This powerful system of algorithms parses thousands of symbols using proprietary trading signals to evaluate potential trade strength in real time. Just plug in the types of instruments you like to trade such as stocks, options, futures, ETF’s, Forex or Crypto currencies along with your favorite trading or investing timeframe, and AlgoHunter will find the highest rated trading opportunities that meet your criteria - saving you hours upon hours of research time!

Optimize Your Analysis With Advanced Filters

With advanced filters that allow you to narrow down results based on market indice, trading volume, price, options liquidity, and a host of other criteria, it’s easy to tailor results to find the opportunities that make the most sense based on individual trading plans and risk tolerances.

Ready For A Better Way To Scan?

If you are trying to cut costs, minimize your time in front of the screen, and have access to some of the same strategies as the only 32x real money trading champion on the planet, you need AlgoHunter.

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