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WealthCharts Membership comes packed with some of the most valuable tools built into WealthCharts, including proprietary indicators and scanners from a 32x Trading Champion that cannot be found on any other platform. It also includes access to top tier trading education sessions from some of your favorite trading educators covering a variety of market approaches and strategies. For the traders looking to grow their understanding of the markets and trade with tools that a Champion Trader uses in some of his own live trades, WealthCharts membership is just what they have been looking for.


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WealthCharts brings cutting-edge tools, competition tested strategies, and automated algorithmic analysis to retail traders - giving them every advantage possible when they need it most.

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Champion Trend Indicator and Scanner

With the Champion Trend Indicator and Scanner, determining trend direction has gotten even easier! With its easily identified Buy and Sell zones and its integrated key support/resistance levels, the Champion Trend provides crucial insight to traders, identifying potential entry, re-entry, and trailing stop areas. This quickly became a favorite indicator and scanner for many WealthCharts users since its release!

Champion Cross Indicator and Scanner

The Champion Cross indicator and scanner are some of the most cutting edge entry and re-entry signals available in the market today. Whether you are looking for long or short opportunities, the Champion Cross indicator makes it easier to spot potential re-entries in trending environments. The Champion Cross Scanner takes it a step further, alerting traders to changes in trend for a symbol as well as facilitating scans to find the best bullish and bearish opportunities from major indices as well as their own custom watchlists.

Range Breaker Indicator and Scanner

Divergences are often used as a way of forecasting potential reversals but sometimes divergences fail and this loss of momentum is not a reliable sign of trend reversal. By identifying these failed divergences and applying additional filtering criteria, these failed signals can become powerful tools for identifying trend continuation opportunities. Essentially these tools identify when the sells don’t sell and keeps moving up or the buys don’t buy and keeps moving down.  Failed divergences are a potent continuation strategy and WealthCharts has some of the strongest tools for identifying these areas of continuation.

WealthSignal Indicator and Scanner

This indicator overlaid with the other parts of the Champion Trend Pack can provide unique early entry opportunities by helping traders identify potential trend development much earlier than most traditional tools. Scanning for this signal as an early identification tool and combining with additional exclusive member indicators for confirmation can create a powerful synergy!

Breakouts Forecaster Indicator and Scanner

Tired of missing out on the big breakouts to the upside or downside? The Breakouts Forecaster can help you to identify those opportunities! By identifying momentum in the direction of a trend with specific types of pullbacks and resumptions into those trends, the Breakout Forecaster can help you manage your risk while you identify the next big move. Its accuracy is stunning!

Power Scanner

This scanner simplifies analysis and research by synthesizing the signals from some of the most powerful tools in WealthCharts into a single tool. With Champion Trend, WealthSignal, Breakout, Breakout Forecaster, IRB/RIRB, and Momentum Shift indicators all combined in a single scanner with a broad range of filtering options, it’s easy to scan for the precise opportunities that interest you most. When combined with WealthCharts Scanner Alerts, WealthCharts Members can stay on top of the latest opportunities without needing to stay glued to their computer monitor!

Divergence Tracker And Scanner

Divergences can be powerful signals for traders and investors alike - when price action is moving in the opposite direction of an underlying technical signal it can be an early warning sign of a potential upcoming reversal in the current price trend. The new Divergence Tracker indicator from WealthCharts can help traders stay ahead of potential reversals, as well as help plan exits and set stop losses. The Divergence Tracker Scanner automates the process of identifying divergences and potential divergences so traders can immediately focus on trying to get ahead of the market’s fluctuations instead of chasing after them.


Enhanced Indicators Only Available on WealthCharts

The Spike 2.0, IRB 2.0, and Momentum Shift 2.0 Indicators feature enhanced trend filtering to further refine results and provide more precise entry and re-entry opportunities in trends. Based on some of the strategies Rob Hoffman used to win some of his 32x Trading Competitions victories, these indicators are exclusive to WealthCharts and cannot be found anywhere else.

Adaptive Trailing Stop

The ability to adapt to shifting market conditions is a critical skill for technical analysis and that concept is at the core of the WealthCharts Adaptive Trailing Stop indicator. The Adaptive Trailing Stop adjusts to widen or tighten stops in response to shifting market conditions to help traders let their winners run and cut their losers short!

IRB Scanner

The IRB scanner consists of 4 of 32x Trading Champion Rob Hoffman’s trading signals with additional trend filtering added to improve results: the Inventory Retracement Bar, Reverse Inventory Retracement Bar, Momentum Shift with Trend, and Momentum Shift Breakout indicators. These powerful signals help identify entry and re-entry opportunities within the trend and the built in alert functionality means you can stay on top of opportunities while you are away from your computer. 


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