Our Members Love The Powerful Features Built Into WealthCharts

...And How They Simplify and Expedite Trading Analysis And Research

Scott M.

My favorite feature is the wealthfinder, it is a simple way to scan the market, especially for swing trades.

Adam M.

What sticks out to me is how electric WealthFinder has been. I look at the WSI Scanner and I use WealthFinder quite a bit.

Brian F.

WealthFinder is a great tool and I have never had previous experience with options but the new unusual options features are fantastic. I could go on... but those are the first things to come to mind.

Ruby A.

Hi Guys, you're great & website is awesome! Making great profits from WealthFinder! Referring everyone I know,:)

Gary S.

It is a vast system allowing you to find your place in the trading world. The education is incredible. Wealthfinder gets you to the right opportunities. It also has changed my trading style to a better controlled ability

Joe W.

Wealthfinder is the feature I use most often, Daily.

Robert C.

Signed up for WealthCharts the first time I saw you present WealthFinder in the Active Trader Room. The transformation in WealthFinder and the entire platform has exceeded my expectation 10 fold.... I will be with you for the long haul

Bill T.

I love the AlgoHunter. It has helped me find trades that have now paid for my year of service in less than 1 week. Hard to beat the Algo hunter!

Hiren P.

I really like the Scanners. With 7000 stocks out there you can use the scanners to narrow it down and then narrow it down tyo figure out what you want to get in it...

Kamal C.

Options hunter is a great new feature and I love exploring it.

Susan M.

[I] trade futures and options primarily. I open WC everyday. ...I just love it! It's easy to use and read! I love using OptionsHunter I love watching Ziad and the daily information.

Yuriy S.

My favorite from WealthCharts is the multiple charts on the same screen. When I compare with ___________, I can put on so many more charts. I like using Watchlists with charts. I am a paid member of Jake Bernstein and I like MAC Scanner. I am very hapy with this platofrm, and I plan on staying with this platform for a long time

Steve E.

Im learning everyday! I really enjoy Ziad's pre-market session I really like WealthFinder - I have it set on my saved layouts

Andre M.

I love the default templates, Ziads morning summary & the classes that Laurie does. I attend Nicks evening sessions and is able to answer my questions live. You have a very good help menu! I like hunter & mapper...

Tatyana R.

Thereare  many fave parts - this is the top platform avaliable to the trader. Best part is simplicity to make easy trades. It's perfection. It's really something wonderful and I still have to reach up to the level I want to be at. I haven't been able to use all features as I am a small trader. I like the simplicity of using the charts and I find the colors to make it easy and it's very visually attractive. The platform is probably better than I deserve.

Ted G.

You don't need to have anything else, you have it all. Before [WealthCharts] it was hard to find a platform that helped me stay on budget. All the customization you could want. I have 3 desktops. 1 w/ rob's indicators, 1 w/ barry burns, 1 w/ jake bernstein and then compare them all.

Erika B.

What I love about WealthCharts I would say is the totality of it - not just one tool but all of it. All the tools that have been added in terms of looking up all of the possibilities, helping you make good decisions - whether it be long term or short term trading - there are so many facets that are very useful and obviously it’s going to be getting better and better! I think of being able to suggest changes and revisions is a huge thing and just doing so many things to the platform is really important. You have other platforms and they've tried, they’re dinosaurs. They haven’t proven anything and its very limited. It’s like they’re not interested in improving their tools and indicators and the good thing about WealthCharts is that you can make a suggestion and they do it - i think that’s a great thing - the flexibility and willingness of making constant improvements - it’s so important!

Andrew K.

When the screeners were added to WealthCharts it was very valuable. I love the all the videos and teaching of Rob; they are priceless. The UOA is a very priceless tool to provide great insite on what to trade. WealthCharts gives you a statistical analysis on what to trade so becoming a founding member was a no brainer.

Ed C.

Congrats to the team for building this super tool called FundHunter. It's quite powerful.

Fred L.

I love all the scanners in WealthCharts and the bonus' that come with it!

Randy U.

I like WealthCharts! I've been using it in spurths. I'm more of a swing trader but I like all the features and I like what you've been putting in.

Andrew M.

I like that WealthCharts is web based. It's really quick and they have so much proprietary indicators and scans that you can use.

James B.

There are several things I like - [OptionsHunter] is one of the things I like the most. Access to alot of the other indicators and just the different things from Laurie's room and expert insights and those are things I use the most and the WCRT - UOA, I use that a lot and I use the WealthFinder

William G.

It's pretty exciting what they've been doing! I appreciate the efforts and the updates for sure. My favorite feature is WealthFinder. It's a lot easier to manipulate now. When it comes to drawing the charts up, WealthCharts takes it to the extreme. WealthCharts let's you do whatever you want. Having it be web-based makes it much better. It's like a little kid in the candy shop!

John M.

Fundhunter is the best feature and the platform is great...

Robert P.

Its just a wonderful platform. The amount of stuff thats there is incredible and its helped a lot. When I look at my trading and the consistency and what I do I can see a difference. I love the OptionsMapper and Hunter features. I use Hubert Senters' cloud search, I use WealthFinder and just setting up multiple charts with multuiple different functions so I can pick through different themes to see whats the best,. Being able to that quickly and easily and not having to screw around with things is nice

Michael V.

I really like the way you do your Options on the platform!

Robert T.

I like the charts - I like the way the watch list works and you can bring it down onto the chart. I like the way you can move the charts by using the mouse to simply move back. It's very easy to use.

Michael A.

I like the Options platform. I watch Ziad and try to learn from him. I like everything Options - OptionsHunter, Options[Mapper], etc. I utilize the ATR to see Ziad so I know what's going on in the world.

Valerie L.

I'm really amazed what Rob has been doing in WealthCharts. OptionsHunter and the scanners, and WealthThoughts, everything is straight amazing! I think customer service is amazing!

Stacey H.

I think the UOA is really good, especially if it reinforces something you're looking already. ...You guys have an awesome company, I love what you guys are doing!

Timothy P.

I like the AlgoHunter - that I like a lot to look at stocks that might be of interest. I use the WSI and Ichimoku Cloud scanner.WealthCharts Is really Wonderful! You guys are great, you guys are wonderful team.

Kyron C.

Everything is going well, I like it very much. I use WealthCharts daily and for the most part I'm heavily invested in dividends and analyze 10-30 dividend stocks. ...Wealthfinder is great, whenever I dabble in day trading, I use WF. I see it keeps improving, I'm glad I'm a founding member

Roy M.

I think it's good - the whole package is amazing! GoNoGo trend is my favorite indicator! I really like the Slim Ribbon too. I am very impressed by the platform and the fact that there is new stuff going on the platform all the time.

Roger G.

I am liking the OptionsHunter, FundHunter, and Unusual Options. Im loving what youre doing to improve

David E.

I like the scanner and the indicators wealthcharts has!

Ernest R.

I love the scanners in WC. I'm a big fan of Jake Bernstein so I use JB's moving average channel scanner the most.

Kay T.

I love the scanners on WealthCharts. They can handle so much more information than ___ can.

Monica W.

I just can't say thank you enough for this platform. I believe that WealthScanner combined with the MSR indicator will be a game changer for me. I can't wait to provide a future update on the impact that it will have for me. Rob has given me a good road map to approach the market and minimize the distractions of being inundated by bad trade ideas.

Lynn F.

To say I am in enjoying WealthCharts would be a major understatement. I cannot describe the joy and amazement, let alone the success I have experienced already from some of its teachings. After some 25+ years of trading I thought I knew a little about trading and I was right - it was a little. Every time I open WealthCharts I learn something new - may not be something I use right at that moment, but I may see something and think, I saw or heard that yesterday, last week, last month. I am in total awe of the platform and have so much respect for Rob and the whole team he has assembled at WealthCharts, and to find so many friendly and dedicated people is truly amazing.

Andre W.

I'm looking for what AlgoHunter is saying about what's hot and not; I find that very useful.

Allan L.

My favorite feature is WealthScanner. It gives me good ideas!

Boris M.

WealthCharts has an extraordinary complexity but an extraordinary value of money - a lot of offerings of not just the charts but the WealthFinder, Options, and more. It's pretty much the most sophisticating platform I've ever gotten my hands on and it's a good thing! It's an awesome platofrm - Im going to be staying for a long time!

Kenneth B.

I like the WealthScanner - I like just having available the indicators I bought over the years and just being able to plug them in easily

Jaime M.

I'm very happy with WealthCharts! The WealthFinder! It's so easy to navigate through, You have a lot of little things you can favorite - you can really customize it! One thing I really love is that I can always go back and look at the videos and education especially from the Wealth365 Summit! He's really good I like Ziad!

Shanta A.

I just love the scanning it just makes it so much easier! It just gives you a list of stocks instead of going into wf, algo, fund, etc. I would list on a piece of paper and then narrow it down. Now I just have to do one scan and I get everything . All the indicators are cool - WealthScanner is amazing - I like that! So many indicators to use and screen. It's really helpful. Scanning is my favorite. Compiles everything and put it in one. It just takes me a half an hour. I used to do it all Manually. Manually takes too much time...Now I just take the easy way out now. The customer support system is great. I haven't called much, but when I do everyone is so helpful

Benjamin F.

I usually go through a number of stages but the one feature that stands out is the indicators and WealthScanner Yes I have actually just closed down ___________ _______ account because Australia only offers pro level which is expensive so that's gone! So yeah I'm very happy and I'd like to congratulate you personally!

David H.

I like using WealthScanner. I look at those and I use WealthFinder as a way to guage the markets. If its bullish or bearish and I will use that to help.

Frenchie B.

I like the scanners the most. If I had to pick just one - WSI. I also love Fund Hunter and so many things. It's hard to narrow it down.

Josh F.

My favorite feature is WealthFinder. It really helps! I don't have to do any looking for stuff.

Bala B.

I am very appreciative of the fantastic features in WC. Day by day, I am familiarizing myself with its rich aspects. I religiously watch Ziad every morning, and his observations and prognostications are right on the money. Ziad has become part of my morning ablutions before breakfast! Last week I made three trades using the sector scanner and Jake Bernstein’s tools that netted $____!

Doyle M.

I love everything about WC but mostly enjoy the charts and the scans! They are the best thing, I use the cloud scanner, ITP scanner a lot and Wealth Scanner. I trade a little bit of everything but mainly swing trading, options and futures.

Ron H.

Loving the platform, I love the new stuff! I love the new templates that Rob has that he shared. I love OptionsHunter and WealthScanner.

Randy B.

I like most of the features, I use wealth signal scanner and wealth finder the most. For the most part, I have not been in the market much and I love that I have still made some money with it.

Inna G.

I am also adding to your team’s feedback, that your team is great, friendly, helpful, caring and enthusiastic! The platform is great too, has many great features. And I love to hear Rob always say “We are just getting started”!

Sean O.

Lately the last two things that were added for annual members - the champion trend and breakout forecaster - man those are super awesome because i intraday trade futures and those two indicators are my sole go to for intraday trading futures. I love wealthcharts - I'm gonna be a lifetime member, I remember the first time i attended wealth365 and ill never forget my reaction to what he did - its like he handed the keys to a Ferrari to a toddler - he said I don't wanna give you the keys I wanna teach you how to build one. Man this is so cool I love what Ziad and Laurie are doing as well for the platform! Have you canceled other memberships? "Oh yeah!"

Beth P.

You guys got a smokin' platform - its really good! So far everything I've seen is my favorite - its got a lot of features you just dont get in other platforms. I haven't seen anything I don't like - I started utilizing the seasonal stuff with Keith Wade - I like his strategies. I've been recomending other people to your platform and quarterly summits to check it out. The few times I have reached out - you guys have been very responsive which you dont get with a lot of other people! your customer service is right up there!

Mike V.

Everything is great, you guys are awesome! I regularly use the SectorScanner and the WealthSignal scanner, I love that I can look at it, see what I need to see and go!

Mark B.

I want to renew based on the Power Scanner - its a tremendous tools it looks very helpful - I like it from what Rob was demonstrating - I'm excited about this new scanner!

James W.

I love the WealthScanner! The SectorScanner is one of the things that I use regularly and the AlgoHunter is intriguing to me but I have not dug into it yet. I like the mathematics behind it.

Andrew F.

In a nutshell I have some other platforms that I use for charting, but I went with WC because it has scanners prebuilt into the charts and there are ways to search for great investment opportunities and feedback!

Chris M.

When I first saw this " custom filter " scanner feature my response was “ ok, that is kind of cool” Now that I have used it for a while I love how it has dramatically reduced the number of dashboards and the jumping back and forth to Dashboards. Thank you so much. You're the best

Jeremy M.

I've enjoyed the mobile app yall came out with as well! What I really like is a lot of the scans and stuff that I can do on the mobile app! The educational stuff is well worth it. I have been using the fire out of that!

Roger S.

The scanners are super useful, Rob's work is excellent and I enjoy watching Rob, Ziad, CJ and many others. Looking forward to the Wealth365 Summit as I have a lot of respect for the presenters.

Murad P.

I love WealthCharts and the ITP indicators. WealthCharts has so much packed into it that no matter what you want you can find it in the platform, and if it isn't there yet there are always more features being added to benefit all types of traders.

Phillip H.

- I like all of Rob's tools, the specific indicators that you can't find anywhere else. I love having the side by side of the scanners and the charts. I also have Dr. Keith and Jeffrey Scott tools and I enjoy that as well. -It is so much better than and others. The clarity and graphics along with the speed of it is great! I have not found anything that I would be missing within it yet.

Melody J.

BTW, I'm a technical person by background.... and I can tell you there has literally not been one single spot where this has not worked like it should! Enormous amounts of data with no loss of performance for me.... still blows my mind! Your programmers and designers have accomplished something amazing to keep this updated real-time with no loss of performance... AND the drag and drop with any chart or widget you can think of -- stacking on same layout... multiple tabs on multiple layouts!

Mary L.

There is so much there, and I have to say your customer service is great! I use the champ trend pack the ITP the TRP, Dr. Keith, Jake Bernstein tools, Hubert Senters tools I use the ITP scanner at times, but most times I use the Power Scanner because I am looking for opportunities and the way the market has been, I have not really taken a lot of stuff off of it, but the Power Scanner seems to filter what I am looking for.

Dan B.

WealthCharts is so comprehensive… it has has a feature-set so large that it can meet any and every trader’s needs. It’s features-set way exceeds any individual’s needs. WealthCharts is like the Ragu spaghetti sauce commercial… you can ask for any feature… the answer is “It’s in there!”

David G.

The depth of the platform I am liking all of the new Champion Trend Pack released in January, the simulated training is great to replay and practice, and also I like the quality of the people of the team. Every interaction I have with the team is very pleasant. You are all so kind, helpful, and knowledgeable!

J B.

I really enjoy a couple things. I enjoy the morning with Ziad and Laurie. I really enjoy getting that market insight in the morning. I also like the flexibility of the charts and being able to use different tools on there and manage that.

James W.

I use it every day! I use different scans and I really like using the smart money scanner, and I use some of the head honcho's scanners [Rob Hoffman]. Champion Trend Pack is what I favor right now... I am working on learning new options ideas. I trade primarily options and that seems to be interesting to me.

Joel A.

One platform has it all, I never want to lose this annual. I follow Rob and I love the no BS, and his 30x real trading champion, honesty, and integrity... I swing trade most times due to my work hours and my market. I have been trading for some time.

John O.

I like WealthCharts a lot, and I like most is the WealthFinder! I listen to Z every market morning and it still is all going down...

Jill D.

I love the WealthCharts platform, it is the best I have ever seen. All of the resources that you offer is amazing. I listen to the pre-market session daily and I attend the summits as much as I can! ...I was not using any other paid platform, I used to use , and but I am fully on WealthCharts now for my paid platform. One of the reasons I signed up was because the authenticity and the generosity your team has with your time and knowledge of the platform. You under-promise and over deliver! I think this platform is the kitchen sink and then some! I can't imagine needing anything else! I really like the scanners on WealthCharts, in particular I really like the Champion Trend Scanner. I also like Hubert's cloud strategies and his straight forward approach is really great for me.

WealthCharts has so many incredible features...

...that our members have been able to cancel other services to save money!

Jim L.

Refinancing feature...cancelling all other subscriptions elsewhere and just having 1 place for it all! I experienced a feeling I've never had before when I used your IRB/RIRB strategy for the first time yesterday. I was relaxed and patient watching the bars develop and waited for targets to be triggered! I won 5 of 6 trades!

Nishan S.

I had ________ before. Now I love Wealthcharts

Dr. Jay S.

I've had a subscription since last year and have dropped some others due to duplication, others didn't provide as much, and your live data feed is great with all the indicators

Mary F.

I love the charts, and the ability to try different indicators. Cancelling ___________ and ___________.  The saying that “you get what you pay for” does not begin to cover my membership with your team.  This is so many levels  beyond what would be expected.  Many thanks for all the work and extraordinary content that you have given us. Your customer service people are awesome!

Amit S.

The indicators are amazing. I'm a subscriber to almost everything else. I am decreasing that. I was with ________ I was with ____________ I was with all of these other services, and you compile all of this information. I don't need to go somewhere else for my options activity, its all in one distinct area., Its easy to customize! I can have three monitors with every different feature on. It gives me the entire picture in one paid service. What you guys are doing are amazing, you're giving us the institutional information

Dr. Jeffrey S.

...this will save me $1800 years since I was able to cancel ____ ______ __________ which was my provider for UOA.  Next I can also cancel _____ ___ ______ which provides a number of Flow and Unusual Activity Tools as well for an additional saving of $1000 a year.

Lynn F.

Everything has been absolutely great. I'm dropping two other services within the next month.

Al G.

FYI, Love Wealthcharts! Use it everyday in my trading, I don't need anything else. Like alot of other subscribers, I cancelled all my other subscriptions a year ago for a considerable monthly savings!

Brandon W.

I'm one of the people that Rob talks about during his events where he states that "I cancelled all these other services" This is the one membership that I was grandfathered in and I will never get rid of it.

Mike B.

I'm always learning and discovering new things on this platform that I don't need any more anywhere else! It looks great - I cant believe how quick I am maneuvering - I tell my wife I don't know why I have other services out there! Incredible education!

Farrald B.

Left ____ ____ _______ for WealthCharts. Their platform was primitive compared to WC. WC is like the space ship of trading platforms! I'm so happy I made the switch!!!

Anthony B.

I've consolidated other platforms to WealthCharts! 3 or 4 of them. I did this because each platform was good for certain things - but with WealthCharts I can do it all on one thing now. WC is meeting the bill so far! All of the scanning and indicators is great!

Tim W.

I find that WealthCharts by itself is all I need. So much valuable information inside of WealthCharts that it, at times, can be overwhelming… Great job by WealthCharts and the entire TEAM!!!

George V.

A lot easier having one platform, and all the tools in one location, I like being able to access it whenever and wherever I am.

Andy C.

One of the things I enjoy is that WealthCharts allows me to discontinue all of the other services I had that are not even close to the value of WealthCharts.

Mike V.

I'm using SectorScanner, I love it by the way, its great - I will be getting rid of one program I'm paying for because of SectorScanner!

Dan N.

You guys do great work! I've cancelled several services since joining you guys.

Mark Z.

Dropped __________, and I am talking to people about getting WealthCharts. I used to work for Marrill Lynch in 81 and got out in 88 and kept interest in investing and have been interested since I was 14. I have been trading about 46 years! There is still so much more to learn. Ziad and Rob are favored, and I want just WC, not other platforms.

Larry C.

I cancelled 4 other memberships - I had one for my regular charting, one for seasonality, one that offered all of these information items that you have now on FundHunter, another service that offered unique charting - you guys replaced all of that stuff!

Brett K.

I want to drop everything and keep WealthCharts, that is the ultimate goal! You guys are the best you guys have more tools than anything else i have seen in my life and you keep adding! The team at WC and everything you do is OUTSTANDING!! From what I have learned and what I want to learn I LOVE IT!!! I wish I had done it sooner, and I am kicking myself for not taking advantage of it sooner than I did.

Kathy P.

I am not geared up financially to retire, and I decided I had to take control of my finances. WC has helped me do this. I do not sit on the computer all the time and watch all day, but when I am on it, I am so appreciative of what [WealthCharts] does for me. I keep small positions and most of them have a trailing stop... WealthCharts helped me learn all these new terms, where I want to go, and what to do in certain situations in this market. I am learning to be more of a swing trader. I dropped multiple other platforms and I have one more to drop because WealthCharts does everything they did for me and more. I have to conserve resources, but if I have to choose, WealthCharts is what I want hands down.

Irene I.

I like your platform because I have so many different platforms, and I am working to only use one! WealthCharts looks like that is what I can do with it!  The platform look so good!

Gilles L.

I canceled another service for WealthCharts, and it's because of the market updates I get with WealthCharts. …The whole package from the charts, to the customer service, to the education, everything is easy to read and I have everything I need!"

Andrew F.

Thanks Rob, I have moved on from other charting platforms, WealthCharts is the best and pulling away!

Gregory S.

I have traded on and off for 20 years with futures and stocks and I decided being retired I wanted to trade again. After two days of listening to you all and Rob, its like Oh my gosh this thing is way beyond my expectations. After yesterday I was like I have to go get this! You just calling me is "oh my gosh" these people really care for me and I am really grateful, especially for Rob too... Even though he is really successful he is concerned for all of us.

Robert R.

In this short time, I have come to love it! I am canceling a trading room that I have been a part of for a couple years because I am paying 1900 a year for that. I don't need it with WealthCharts!

Yeshy E.

I love your product, I love the interface and I love the Rob's Exclusive Indicators! I do a lot of options trading. I am very interested in the Options Hunter that we have. It was a great looking feature! I am using other systems but I am going to cancel them because I think Options Hunter is unique. It brings me the information that other platforms don't! I have been trading for 20+ years mainly options, stocks, and ETF's.

Ralph S.

I ideally would like to stop their services and utilize WealthCharts solely. With all your scanners, I've been able to rid myself of several services so far :) Live TV on WealthCharts is always insightful. Thank you so much for your time.

Venkat G.

Looking forward for another great session from you. I use WealthCharts everyday now and cancelled other subscription. Lot to learn from your sessions than anyone else.

Robert R.

I followed Rob for a long time before I finally joined, and I kick myself all the time for not joining sooner! I had a subscription with at the time and didn't want to pay for another. I am so happy that I left them for you guys as we have everything I need! I like your exclusive tools which gives me a visual view of taking trades.

WealthCharts Members Enjoy Top-Tier Support

Our US-Based Support Team Is Just A Call Or Email Away

Lynn F.

As a 35+ year veteran of the customer service industry I am appalled at what most companies pass off as customer service.  Unfortunately the vast majority of companies today can neither spell customer service or have any knowledge of what it means.  That is why it is such a pleasure to do business with a company such as yours that can both spell and know what customer service means.

Venkatesh K.

I appreciate the amazing care you and your team takes with the trader community!!

Neville M.

The growth of WealthCharts over the past year has been more than impressive and customer service is truly exceptional.

Russell K.

Love UOA for [WealthCharts]. Also, love how awesome you are with customer service - it doesn't stop at just the team members - even Rob will call:)

Dick V.

I was able to reach out to your team and connect with people like Nick who really helped me get up to speed with WealthCharts. ____________ is different, you don't get to talk to anyone, you just gotta figure it out for yourself

Timothy P.

You guys the the absolute best at communicating with Wealthchart members.

Michael N.

I understand the software a lot better now. Your support and customer service is second to none.

Max M.

I have have to tell you that you guys are really the best when it comes to service ! I have lots of different subscriptions(which I will not be renewing) and the service is nothing like what you guys provide, from you to Rob and Ziad - all excellent.

Davis C.

I just wanted to state that the customer service I've received via email or by phone has been absolutely dynamite… Guys trust me, great customer service goes a long way. I'm appreciative of what you all offer to the trading community. Thanks for everything.

Mario C.

I love all the support your company gives it customers. Most companies just take your money and then you can't get in contact with them. Thank you for taking time out to review everything with me and answer questions.

Keith L.

Customer service is unlike many other organizations.  Just great

William A.

Rob was right your customer service is great! Thanks for being so patient and walking me through WC.

Harrell F.

WealthScanner is the most useful thing I've used. I find it very helpful. Everytime I send an email needing help, you guys respond and everything works! You guys have good customer service.

Harlon S.

WOW! You are extremely efficient and very good at your job! Thank you for the rapid response! It is so refreshing to have this kind of service from a company. This is why I am also a Wealthcharts founder.

John P.

I love using WealthCharts, I think Rob and his amazing team have put together a fantastic platform and service group that puts all the other platform services to shame.  Please keep up the terrific work!

Alan S.

Wealthchart's customer support is second to none!

Tim B.

Your team is unlike any other. The kindness and respect shown by all of you is a rare thing in todays world. Please share my thoughts with your team. The example that is shown by Rob and everyone else in everything you do does not go unnoticed

Mary Ellen R.

We are standout customer service, I mean you called me! What business does that! I didn't even request a call, and you're calling me to make sure I can figure it out!

Norbert S.

I have a lot of fun with working with Wealthcharts, your excellent tool, and your competent, helpful staff.

Michal K.

You and the whole WealthCharts Team are amazing!

Derek C.

WealthCharts support group is exceptional. I hope Rob knows that too. ___________ finally responded to my email after I went on their chat line. They sent me a revised invoice and said they will contact you but it will take 2 days before I get access. I told them I have already contacted you and I am confident that WealthCharts will take care of it. Sure enough, 30 minutes and it's done and I told them that is exceptional customer service. Thanks again and a high five to you all!

David S.

Good Morning! I wanted to express my gratitude at the excellent customer service that I've received! ...I will definitely consider future purchases from such a customer service driven company!

Arnaud T.

I love your team and Rob, everyone is so helpful and it is a blessing to work with you all

Lynn F.

Not sure how you folks do it even when I know it must be a madhouse there with the Summit going on. Once again displaying that A-1 customer service from one of the few A-1 companies around today. Thank you very much.

Jacob T.

I really do appreciate the call - most places wanna make the sale and that's it but I like that you're following up and you're willing to help!

Philippe G.

Many thanks for the usual speedy reaction!!!

Mark F.

Very helpful thank you; was having a problem but did not realize it was too early to begin session. Sorry. Amazing how prompt your response, considering time of day (earlier than Eastern Standard Time)

Tom H.

I love that I can call and talk to a real person that helps me with the questions I have. No other platforms have that ability.

Murz C.

I cannot thank you enough for reaching out today - I have been wanting to get guidance on this wonderful platform. Really appreciate the value that Rob provides.

John P.

Everyone I have dealt with in customer service at ...WealthCharts is so responsive and helpful! It is how other companies in the trading industry should be but unfortunately are not.

Thomas H.

I’m very pleased with WealthCharts & your super support. Much appreciated.

Mark C.

Your customer service team is so good, and is so absolutely amazing! I tell people all the time that "these people are legit, Rob is legit and they hold to their words." I love you guys, I hype you all up so much, and I can't even tell you how great the team and Rob are.

Pam C.

I really appreaciate the depth I get with WC, and after only 2-3 months the support is bar-none than what I have ever had, and the depth and wealth of information you have is phenomenal. You are able to know where you're going, and you're able to work with us all, from the beginner to the most advance. I am always gaining knowledge with you and I am very happy that since joining the family, I have gained money! You and the team communicate in such a way that even when it is something so simple, you never make me feel stupid.

Mark F.

Hi Rob. Love your company. You and your team are the best. Unmatched customer service! Thank you.

Doug B.

Thank you so much You are always such a great help Rob does have an excellent service/support team As always thank you so much for your time

Terry M.

So many thanks to you for all your patience and goodwill. I very much appreciate your help. You guys run a terrific service!

Peter C.

You folks are stand out when it comes to the support of your service! You have a very interactive and personable approach - it's highly welcome to me and I'm sure for many!

Denise S.

Wanted to let you know that I called your office this past Saturday & received some of the "BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE SUPPORT"!!!!! Every conversation that I've ever had with any member of your staff has been very pleasant & always answered the mail. Thank you so much for assembling such a wonderful group of professionals!!!!!!!

Judith D.

Thank you for having a wonderful product and especially for the great staff.

Emad Y.

You and the team are straight shooters, I have worked with multiple different trading companies and I came to WC and I cant wait to continue renewing with you all. Truly a great team, good job, and thank you!

Bill S.

I don't really know what to say other than I continue to be blown away as a Wealthcharts family member. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! It's very clear that you ARE only getting started - amazing! I am so glad I found Wealthcharts and became part of the Wealthcharts family! I look forward to the future!! Thank you again!!

Manny B.

Wealthchart support is fantastic, always got the superfast answers. Really appreciated ...your team.

Mike P.

I should ask them as well, but frankly, YOUR support is SO much nicer and better, I wanted to start with you and hopefully avoid dealing with them, lol.

Edye B.

You are the epitome of great customer service…a rare commodity in our present culture. I am so grateful for your help. I am one of the unfortunate traders who had a whole lot of experience with horrible customer service in my first few years of trading. There are few services out there that really take care of their clients after the sale. You guys rank at the very top. I greatly appreciate that.

Katherine H.

Thank you so much! you have the best support and education!

Keith L.

Your customer service is mind-blowing good! The staff, Rachel and Sarah and the service is flexible and takes in account the best interest of the client

Kenneth M.

I just wanted to let you know how helpful and thankful I am for Rachel's help and patience in getting me started in Wealth Charts. Like I said to her, I have a Ferrari and the only thing I am able to do is to start the engine. With her patience and direction, I believe I was able to get the Ferrari (Wealth Charts) started and moving at 5 miles an hour. It's a start and just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated her patience. Kuddos to Rachel.

Mary E.

Man! You support people are really first rate, right on top of everything! Thanks!

Mark W.

It's going awesome! I've been configuring the layout. It's cranking! I'm amazed at what I can do for this thing! The most impressive thing is that you guys are there for support!

Randy M.

This is regarding Rachel in customer service. I had the pleasure to speak to Rachel regarding my interest in Wealth Charts. Rachel has a great personality. She is a fantastic communicator. I can honestly say she ranks in the top 1% of all customer service representatives that I have spoken to on various topics and I have spoken to a ton of people. I feel Wealth Charts should feel very fortunate to Have Rachel as an employee. I give Rachel the most positive review possible. She has positive qualities that very few people even come close to! Regards, Randy M.

Bruce P.

Nick, Thank You so much! You explained everything I was having issues with today in one call!!! Rob, I now know why you picked Nick, he's nothing but Excellent!!! Bruce P.

Top-Tier Built In Training and Education

...So Members Can Get Everything They Need, All In One Place

Robert A.

I signed up for wealthcharts about 6 months ago. ...I love all the education & replays of all the summits.

Mark A.

I login every day and follow along closely. I use some of the comments to make decisions to go one way or another.

Jyoti P.

So many investing gurus, but Rob just really HELPS you. And so does Ziad. They just want you to understand. They are more about whats actually going on in the technical side. I also really enjoy Laurie's wednesday afternoon sessions. I really appreciate the sessions they do. Laurie is absolutely incredible. He talks a lot about ideas for options which i really appreciate. ...I tell everyone about WealthCharts.

Mindy M.

I adore the whole team - gentle kind souls - Rob, Laurie, Ziad. They are willing to teach you and are willing to take the time. I'm trying to learn how to trade and looking for resources. I've bought so many programs to help me get started and I feel overwhelmed. I feel very comfortable with you and the team.

Rajendra S.

I like Rob and others' Indicators. I also like your education features. I listen to Ziad and Laurie's every morning stream. I had a full time job - lost job - after that, I moved into trading almost full time

Geary H.

Today I'm glad I went through it to find Ziad this morning! These are the sort of things you can't get anywhere else! That's a huge plus and he gave a lot of great info! He looked at what he said and compared it to market action. I'm not gonna bail anytime soon!

Scott M.

Something that I want to take more advantage of is the pre-market commentary. I think that's pretty cool. ...I use it for market analysis. The trainings and stuff.

William S.

ZIad and Laurie are... there has never been any kind of service for what they are doing. ZIad just keeps going. There's no service like that... I know the business and I'm very impressed. I'm exausted, but thankful that I joined this. I write investment columns (two each week) for 20 or so papers around the country and my deadline is noon.

Beth P.

Enjoying Ziad & Laurie on a daily basis!!! I do believe they're two of the smartest analysts I come across.....trust me.... I've vetted many !

Page S.

I really enjoy Laurie Jones's update in the Into the Open every morning when I can catch it. He always seems to be right! :)

Bruno J.

I love all that you do and I'm very happy to tune into Ziad everyday.

Larry S.

Enjoy Laurie's Presentations, I feel he keeps you out of stuff that I shouldn't be doing, WC I enjoy the webinars and the information that Rob gives, is great!

Linda G.

I love WC and all the education it provides!

Katherine H.

I've been through a lot of different training sites but you guys hit it out of the park, you guys have a great product!

Sybil K.

I enjoy the morning presentation with Ziad! It is what I use the most. It's interesting to hear what he has to say and then what happens!

Richard C.

...Today I was talking to a Dr. I work with into buying WealthCharts and realized I would more efficiently put my retirement money to work in stocks, options, futures, blockchain, crypto and maybe commodities using all the value packed into WealthCharts more efficiently in things that are moving now rather than lots of great picks and recommendations that frequently go down and hopefully someday go up. I look forward to accessing the software, education- both live and recorded and seeing my accounts grow more consistently in the future.

Sadd S.

I like the services, the education, and the platform is quite helpful. I enjoy following Ziad, "the boss", all of them! Everyone gives good lecture and I listen to something, daily. I trade day or swing it depends on the day. I have been trading for over 20 years as a part time trader.

Chris C.

You are awesome and I really like your daily training. It helps me a lot.

Henrik D.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my WealthCharts membership so far and made great use of the platform (it’s excellent and it’s just getting better). The sessions from Ziad, Laurie and Rob are brilliant too. I am very much looking forward to another year as a WealthCharts Founder member.

Deborah E.

CJ is awesome, I can follow him so much easier... and when he tells you something, he will take his cursor and show you exactly where to start and go from there! ...Been in the trading world for a long time. Very happy that I was called for a check in, that is very kind of you.

Neville M.

Doing well on this tremendous and very technical platform. I find that the WealthChartsTV is very helpful, I really like Dr. Keith's sessions and the weekly sessions with Jake and Ziad. I am a big fan of Laurie Jones as well, he is a keeper, very good at what he does and is very skilled.. All the information is very terrific insights, I am always learning new angles when I watch, and I am very impressed with WealthCharts. This was one of my best decisions to place my bet on Rob, that he would take WealthCharts to a level that we could not even imagine. Rob Hoffman is in a class of his own, and I very much appreciative of the blessings apon Rob and his team. He is extremly good at hiring good people. WealthCharts has a tremendous future. This is the BEST investment I have ever made!!

Mike R.

Ziad has adopted a number of things on WC and he does show us things throughout the day and in his educational sessions. From that perspective I am getting it at the pace I can consume. I am not a fire hose drinker. Ziad had been superb in answering my questions. ...You have a great team here, I am awe-struck at the speed you are putting out tools. After the amount of time I have been here, it has been reconfirmed time and time again that Rob is making a great team!

Pankaj D.

You picked up the platform very well! You are so easy to follow along with. I love coming to your classes! I can tell that you have passion and you want to teach people in the classes! Rob is one of the best!

Doug S.

PLEASE continue your instructional time with us. You're doing a great job

Pamela C.

I have been using WealthCharts since April 2022. WealthCharts is phenomenal. I have been trading for 3 years and other programs only took me to a certain point and it made me dependent on them. With WealthCharts I am trading on my own. The Key levels from Ziad are extremely valuable. WealthCharts is an environment where i'm learing everything and I'm trading live with you guys. I love you guys! Thanks for everything. I came to Rob's event on Wednesday and learned so much, I am excited to watch him again Saturday!

Kuldip B.

I am glad you are showing use of scanner. I trade FOREX, since yesterday I started to use WSI Scanner, which gave me a good profit on Forex.

Tony F.

I follow pre market hour, and I love that the platform is improving as it grows. CJ is great in the morning, 9/10 he always teaches me something new!

Colm E.

I still think you are one of the best teachers. I always want to catch your lessons and I really appreciate your knowledge and this mornings shortcuts lesson was excellent.

Manjalagiri B.

Really very clear and you are so helpful. Thanks for the great training.

Steven A.

Thank you CJ, you are the best. Your trainings are great

Kendall R.

Thank you very much for initiating the WealthCharts Accelerator Training Sessions! This information is so helpful for those of us who are working full-time and maybe not in WealthCharts all day. There is so much to learn about both the navigation of WealthCharts and how to apply all the wonderful tools (and so much to remember). This Accelerator Training series will be very helpful. Thank you for all you do to support your member family.

Manny B.

Thanks CJ, everyday learning something new. Really appreciated. you are really a master. Never get upset, so cool and very helpfull.

Ken Q.

I've been enjoying your sessions in the morning, afternoon and evening, and you do a good job buddy!

John M.

There's two things that stand out to me in WealthCharts. The level of recorded trainings like from Hubert Senters. The other thing is the live sessions that Rob puts on usually after the summit.

Roger S.

Very clear, well spoken, and does it teaching at a pace that one can follow easily. He is very good to understand. I would love to hear him at the wealth365... I think that would benefit so many people and I think it would really help sell your product! I think Cj is a fine presenter and I think that he would be a very well perceived.  Rob is very type A and Cj is very calm and I think would be great for the public.

Jean M.

I love the whole concept of how Rob is growing the company. I am a satisfied customer and user. However, learning trading is not easy. I have gone with many different instructors over the years and now I am establishing my own ways of looking at it. WC is the cream of the crop!

Bhanu G.

I love all of the constant improvements, you just know what to add weather it be training or the tools, you know what to do to help people.

Pamela C.

First, let me start out by telling you what an amazing Summit we experienced last week! You all as a team have improved over a thousand percent with both your presenters and the subjects that were covered. If people don't join WealthCharts for the new and cutting-edge tools that you are delivering, they are crazy. Having Rachel step in as a moderator was something that I was really excited about! I shared with you in the chat, from the January Summit to this Summit, in the competitions, I had moved from the bottom third to the top 10% in performance. I was asked to share with you how that improvement happened. It was the April 28th Accelerator series that was the key to my success. After the accelerator series, I went back to the basics. Starting with Videos 1 to 4 to get the method and strategies under my belt, the individual indicator videos were gold. Starting with the 3 Pillars and Champion Trend Pack for 1 week enabled me to build a knowledge base for the foundation including entries and exits. For my layout, I chose Ziad's TRP + CTP + WCx + TRP Most of the indicators that I would be using were on that layout. Champion Trend (Video 5) and making my way through the Divergence Tracker (Video 14). I set up a schedule for myself to first learn the Champion Trend Pack indicators only. From there I moved to the other indicators that would support my decision-making the same way Rob had structured it in some of his demonstration videos for his method. Needless to say, I can't wait for August Accelerator. Thanks again for all that you do for us!

Alex A.

I love the education on the platform, each expert has their personal edge and it is all good! WC is very flexible and honestly it is a pleasant overload of information.

David S.

Just a note to say thanks to the Wealthcharts team and especially Ziad for the extraordinary efforts and work that's been put forth so far this year in the platform and trading. Ziad ESPECIALLY has done an amazing job in training and illustration of the Wcharts tools and applications. It's been exceptional and filled a much needed void. I always say I don't know how he does all that he does but I know what it takes and deserves to be recognized and appreciated. Just please know this trader thanks him profusely and greatly appreciates his awesome efforts! And of course...none of this possible but for Rob and his commitments to the community.

Eric J.

There is so much, different tools that are available and the indicators are top notch! This makes trading so much better. I love to follow Rob and Hubert closely, but I also enjoy Jake Bernstein and Dr. Keith Wade.

Jeff S.

The format of the Accelerator Class that Ziad conducted was excellent. Explaining each of the indicators individually and then subsequently combining all of the indicators into charts to analyze various examples over multiple timeframes was very beneficial.

John C.

I've been enjoying your videos and workshops. The explanations now are helpful in gaining a general understanding of how the indicators work.

Lynn S.

I mainly listen to the hour of power. That is what I use to get ready for the trading day. I am mostly a futures and options trading. I don't mean to be a day trader but they make me do it... This market is so unpredictable that I don't hold anything over night. I do enjoy Ziad and Laurie, I have no preference one over the other, because they do things so differently and their expertise is so unique to them that I can't choose.

Marcel P.

I really like the quarterly seminars! So far I've made money this year so I am doing good.

Ralph S.

Rob is definitely the real deal and I've learned a lot from Ziad, Laurie as well. I appreciate the no bs. I will continue to make a good go of it with the things I have in play with WC and Indicators. I am blessed to have found you guys. Future looks bright.

Thomas A.

I really appreciate Laurie and Ziad's insight. They add a whole another dimension. They add a lot more information than what I get from other services!

Zahid C.

I will not do any trading without checking in the live trading room in the morning. The guys literally set up my plan for the day.

Incredible Power At An Even More Incredible Price

WealthCharts Members Don't Have To Break The Bank To Use The Best Tools Available

Rodney W.

It's really unbelievable of all valuable tools ,indicators, trade ideas,education all in one place. Wealth Charts is a incredible resource and value. You do not [need] anything else. This is easily a no brainer and you will regret if you don't take advantage of this resource now. Don't bet against. He is the champion of the people.

Bruce P.

Rob I could not have found anything better there so much here it's worth so much more. I can't understand why anyone would hesitate to join. Rob I've spent over 100k and WealthCharts is worth much more on education

David Q.

WealthCharts can be be described as a BUFFET for Traders. Unlimited tools and resources are available on the platform to make the little trader succeed. Thanks for the great platform developed to support the trading community.

Ann O.

WealthCharts has so much to offer!

Leslie R.

I do appreciate all of the extras you have given us in WealthCharts. It's the best value out there.

Joseph A.

I spend a fraction with WealthCharts, but the customer service is amazing. I love that I can reach out at anytime via phone or email and speak to us directly as it's not common now and days. I have even spoken with Rob personally. I'm huge on personsal relationships and if you continue to reach out and connect with people we will be extremely success. Thank you for reaching out and connecting today.

George F.

WealthCharts has so much to offer and it's such a great program!

Joel M.

[WealthCharts] provides you features that you'd have to pay extra anywhere else for it

Vincent C.

I recognize there's a lot of value in WealthCharts! I try to listen in as much as I can.

Terri B.

I used to use "______ __ _____" but your platform is FAR Superior. They charge me $185 a month and it comes (with a lot of bugs and crashes) I want to go over to their chatroom - and tell them TO GO OVER TO WealthCharts!

Lynn F.

Not quite sure how he continues to offer all the updates he does without raising the price - selfishly, just glad he does. WealthCharts can not be beat anywhere at any price, and everything about it is great, particularly the customer support work you and your team do.

Greg G.

I have alot of platforms and I really think [WealthCharts] is the best bang for the buck.

Gary L.

I love your products and impressed for the company. The amount you charge it's really a good value. I've done trading for years, but I'm getting much better with your products. I don't want to fall into my old bad habits again.

Andrew S.

I'm still paying hundreds month & thousands of dollars a year for services I don't use. I am so blown away by everything (WC)! I've been waiting for this all my life! You meant to tell me I get WealthScanner, Options Hunter, WealthFinder, Fund Hunter now (at no extra cost)???!

Francis C.

I saw the true value and the power of this platform so I immediately signed up!

Nathan B.

WC seemed like a trend of the future - a bit of a revolution transformed to perfection. It helps me to trade trading and to do it with confidence. It seems very intuitive and love the networking aspect. ...WC has it all in one platform and a good way to get started as a new trader. ...I could spend years researching other products and this seemed to be the best fit...once I saw [WealthCharts] I just dove in. You can see passion when you hear it and it shows. It sounded like I was joining something bigger... And since I've already seen the amazing customer service it makes me cofident that I will have the support I need down the road too.

Hardeo S.

It's good that Rob gives true value for WealthCharts, he keeps increasing the value and features in WealthCharts!

Rajendra S.

I am so happy in the ways that WC has grown it has been excellent, and sometimes I get distracted in good ways because there is so much that you can't not!

Tim W.

So much value and a one stop shop, that you cant get anywhere else.

John P.

I have really enjoyed my membership and founder status with Wealthcharts. It has more than paid for itself over and over. Thank you very much, the support team at Wealthcharts is amazing! I am up and running!

Jim E.

I continue to see and believe that Rob and Wealthcharts are doing a great job and providing value in this very risky and speculative industry.

Ken R.

I was in at a low great price and I switched over to an annual! I basically use all of what Rob Hoffman uses, the IRB indicators! I've been trading somewhere since the early 1990s!

Simon G.

Very flexible, user friendly, low cost and versatile catering for types of traders/investors with powerful tools/scanners on one platform and excellent customer service. I found this out in Dallas in October 2019 - a long time ago and I'm still here. Congrats to all for your hard work, Thank you and most grateful

Edye B.

...as I have progressed in my trading I realize the benefit of being able to reference different approaches for anticipating price action. WC is the total package & I am really liking all the options I have for various ways to reference the information I need to become a better trader.

Andrew S.

What people don't realize is WealthCharts pays for itself so quickly, it's no joke. People say "how can I ever afford that", well, how can you afford not to?

Alex C.

I am actually listening to Ziad at the moment. I have been very impressed with how things have developed and what Rob has done with it. It has been really positive, and the quarterly intenive is helpful and so is the extra training and the summits to be reintroduced to different strategies to improve our trading. One thing that could be better would be that since I am in the UK, the platform is North American based. I would really like to see it grow and expand data coverages, research, and investment links in the UK/Europe. Most of the assests are in the UK and to be able to use the full potential of WealthCharts, I need more of the UK incorporated in it. I would be able to recommend more people to be on WealthCharts as well. I really appreciate the way that the customer service team listens to its members. This follow up call is exactly what is making WealthCharts different from others. This proves how great this platform is! - One of the things for me is that I like things more simple. There is so much in WealthCharts, but for me tools like the morning sessions with Laurie and Ziad along with noon sessions are very helpful to me. The scanning features, speficailly the Champion Trend and TRP Scanner and indicators make things very clear for what to do. I am in a daily/weekly timeframes now in the UK markets are more stable on WealthCharts.

Paulo S.

The customer service, quality of products, all the members of the team are very good to work with. I like using the power scanner, wealth scanner, additional indicators, and TRP. You guys have everything I need, and i'm overall happy. I think the mobile app has improved a lot since it was first launched and you guys added more scanners as well as the overall quality of the product. I find the app very convenient as I travel a lot.

Dennis H.

I like the way Rob's always improving it. Rob's honest. There's a lot of jerks out there. With all the indicators that's the best value out there. I like what I see!

Glenn M.

Rob, you should look at the 10 min chart for AMZN today. I used your indicators and made over $-k following the Wealth Signal that fired off at 840 cst and then broke higher for most of the morning. Yahooooooo and thank you !!!!!

Marty B.

I can't get rid of WealthCharts. Rob never fails to add value to the platform for sure.

William T.

His new Champion trader package now shows me why my entries were wrong. Yesterday I made $300 using his Champion trader on my Ipad and watching my other charts on ____. I was also able to make a trade on Tasty this morning using the mobile app. It was the mobile app that convinced me to rejoin and his great offer . I think he hit a home run with the Mobile app and champion trader!! PS - I love the mobile app. Much easier to use than the PC version for my needs . The mobile app is AWESOME !!

The Power Of WealthCharts On The Go

See What WealthCharts Members Have To Say About Our Mobile App

Michal K.

Great experience = I have my WealthCharts with me anywhere on the road, if I need to check something out or do. Amazingly, I can imply "WealthCharts Trend Pack" and Additional Exclusive Indicators. Whatever I need to apply for my charts, it is just one touch away :) I have never experienced anything like this.

William T.

Yesterday I made $ using his Champion trader on my Ipad.  I was also able to make a trade on Tasty this morning using the mobile app. It was the mobile app that convinced me to rejoin and his great offer.  I think he hit a home run with the Mobile app and champion trader!

Page S.

The mobile app is absolutely fabulous! You all did a really good job on making it easy to use, intuitive, and powerful. I love that I can pull up my favorite indicators and even connect to broker!! I used it just today as I ran out to take my truck to the shop. I really like that TV is on there so I can catch up on training! That is excellent. If I could have given it a 10star review I could have!

Linda D.

Thanks for the app, Rob, and for all the education you provide!

podcast fan ljd

What a superb platform - and now an app! Do what you need to do from anywhere. Thanks to Rob Hoffman, 32 Time Real Money International Trading Champion, and his team for providing this resource with retail traders everywhere!


After wishing for this app for a couple of years but understanding the need to get the main site where they wanted it to be able to build this amazing site. Frankly I can’t believe the speed nor the capabilities they have have built into the program - so much more than I could have hoped for. The best part is we have so much more to look forward to, because as Rob says, “we’re just getting started.” Additionally, customer service is absolutely top notch!!!


Great app to enhance your Wealth Charts experience. Very useful for those on the go and can’t get to your computer.


Wow, game changer for me on the go. Indicators working great. WarriorRides


Nothing else comes close to your platform. Awesome job Rob and crew. Keep up the amazing work. Mark


Best in class software that gets better with time. Rob Hoffman and WealthCharts Team keep going the extra mile for thei subscriber base while other platforms are standing still. Highly recommended if you are a WealthCharts subscriber.


Simply amazing…


I love being able to use the powerful WealthCharts scanners, watchlist, and awesome indicators all on my mobile device. This is the only trading application I will ever need!

WealthCharts may publish testimonials, member comments, excerpts of chat messages, or descriptions of past performance but these results are not typical, are not indicative of future results or performance, and are not intended to be a representation, warranty or guarantee that similar results will be obtained by you. The experience of the traders featured in these testimonials is not typical. They are experienced traders. Becoming an experienced trader takes hard work, dedication and a significant amount of time. Your results may differ materially from those expressed or utilized by WealthCharts due to a number of factors. We do not track the typical results of our past or current customers. We do not have access to the personal trading accounts or brokerage statements of our customers. As a result, we have no reason to believe our customers perform better or worse than traders as a whole.


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