WealthCharts Scanners

Find opportunities with advanced scanning

Revolutionize your trading strategy with our advanced market scanners. With real-time insights, 24/7 alerts, and customizable filters, our scanners empower you to stay ahead of market trends and make informed decisions with confidence.


This powerful system of algorithms parses thousands of symbols using proprietary trading signals to evaluate potential trade strength in real time.

Breakout Forecaster

Uses some of the same strategies that Champion Trader Rob Hoffman employed in his trading competition wins!

Champion Trend

Brand new exclusive indicator for WealthCharts members, from 33x Real-Money Champion Trader, Rob Hoffman!

Ichimoku Cloud

Use The Advanced Cloud Scanner To Find Trends Faster!

Power Scanner

This incredible scanner combines all of the most powerful signals from the WealthCharts Exclusive Member indicators!

Range Breaker

Power indicator built on the concept of positive and negative divergence identification.

Seasonality Scanner

Back to school shopping, stocking up on candy for Halloween, Black Friday sales - these are all examples of annual consumer buying trends that we are all aware of, but they represent just a small fraction of the seasonal cycles that exist in the market.


For traders and investors that embrace a top-down approach to their market analysis, SectorScanner is the perfect tool for flagging stocks and sectors

Smart Money

Easily Find The Biggest Insider Buying And Selling


Find Strong Trends Faster With The Wealth Strength Index


WealthScanner takes away your many hours of research time and focuses you only on the top ranked trading and investing ideas.


An excellent tool for traders looking to identify trends early. Uses a propritary algorithm found only inside of Wealthcharts.